Saturday, May 21, 2011

Home and the work begins

I am home and back in the Arms of the Woman I love (Heather).  My body is still trying to adapt to the changes, and it has left me feeling very sick.  Being home now, the real work starts.  www.worldbridges.  Bridges mission back west now is to bridge Colorado and other states to Tuscaloosa Alabama.  I will try and meet with one million people and get a dollar from each one, hence acquiring one million dollars to donate to the cause in Tuscaloosa.  On April 27, 2011, the country watched as the largest tornado in recorded history, went right through the city of Tuscaloosa Alabama.  It destroyed homes and businesses alike.  Though the people mostly feel blessed, the ones that survived, their lives have been turned upside down.   Many still live in the shelter, and many more are trying to settle into temporary housing.  Jobs have been lost and people have lost all sources of income.  Most of the home that were destroyed by the tornado, were not insured and the people do not have the money and materials to rebuild.  With the money raised by Bridges, rebuild can be easier.  Groups such as We are T Town, and Toomers for Tuscaloosa, have been working hard to meet the heavy demands met in rebuilding.  They have been finding housing for people, bringing needed food and supplies to those in need, organizing clean up, stopping corruption and theft, and helping rebuild.  The proses of rebuilding can take years to come.  We need to keep these people in our hearts and minds.  After a month, Tuscaloosa is still in shambles.  People are still staying on cots at Belk Rec Center, and areas still look as if a bomb went off. People Like Fat Baby’s are still out feeding people survivors and workers for free.  A lot of people are working diligently to rebuild, but it can be over whelming.  We need to continue to help and provide support.  It is easy to get busy with our own lives, but this someday could happen to us, and I would hope that there are people out there that would give a helping hand.  Help us build a bridge of love to Tuscaloosa.  Please donate with pay pal to, and a tax right off receipt will be sent to you.
Thanks and God Bless.     

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