Monday, May 16, 2011

The sun has arrived after the rain on ground zero.

Blessed be the sun that has shine light on Ground zero after a cloudy weekend.  The hand of God has work a miracle on Alabama and myself.  I have been down here fight to help as many people as possible, and fighting in my self to understand.  The holy spirit has been showing me all these signs that I have been thinking is just  unrelated random events.  Very thing that has happened up to this point has happened so I can see the light and become stronger in the word and Gods understanding.  Mr Paige, that I wrote about surviving the tornado in a bath tub, invited me to his church.  I was the first time I have been to a southern baptist church.  I tell what, The lord breaths through all the people in that small brick building.  By the time it was over I was on top of a golden mountain, larger then any mountain in my home state.  As beautiful as the experience was, it was the message of God that effected me the most. They read from the Bible book of John (the book I always used to fight God's existence) Verse 6:46, For the blind can lead the blind, nor can a man get a grain of sand out of another man's eye if he has it in his own I.  The entire time the pastor spoke directly to me. But God moved this man, who allowed me to receive the best gift I have ever received and the only gift I shall ever need.  I now have brothers and sisters all over the world.  Mr Paige, is Brother Clarence, and when I saw him at the shelter later that evening I received an embrace from God, and gave him the biggest hug.
After church I met up with We Are T Town (Michelle, her husband and volunteers that flocked to serve god in a difficult time)  at the sight next to were Fat Babys Country Cooking is located and Brother Clarence's demolished home is.  On the hill were most of the tornado took the lives of people, I met a young couple who had left their grandma, grandpa, and mother to seek shelter with their new born baby.  The elders not wanting to leave, made the decision to stay and died by the tornado.  We (Bridges and We Are T Town) met with the young couple and we began searching threw the rubble.
I realized that my two hands were not enough to find the pictures that were needed to help them with their suffering.  Later back at the Red Cross Shelter, I was talking to my brother.  He asked me how do we get our social network to work like We Are T Town's social network.  I was taking a shower and God came to again with a bright light as said, Go back to your community and finish the bridge.
BRIDGES in a non profit that is building BRIDGES from one location to another.  Our Bridges will last longer then any Roman stone bridge, because a bridge of love is forever.  I will be returning home soon to speak God's word, and get the funding to We ARE T TOWN.  For my my sister Michelle knows what to do with the money.  God has a purpose for me and if I walk with Jesus I will never be alone.  I have begun to understand Budda'a enlightenment, and ALAHA's  word.  there is one spirit and many, and I want to be the carpenter of  bridges of love.
God bless

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