Monday, May 23, 2011

Another tornado another town

I am in Colorado, and in bed recovering from a virus that put me in the hospital on my birthday May 22, 2011.  While I was in the hospital another tornado hit another town, Joplin, MO.  89 people dead, and mass destruction.  Bridges would like to get down and see what we can do, but it is time for fund raising.  The last trip used up all my savings plus sum, and now I will need to regroup, and hopefully raise some money for Tuscaloosa, and now Joplin.  This has become a chaotic spring in the United States, and Hurricane season has yet to hit.  I am hoping bridges can get out there and do some more good for people.  Joplin is not asking for volunteers,  but needs money.  BRIDGES has connections down there that can help, they just need funding.  If there is any thing you can do to help please send donations to  We have pay pal attached, and working on getting a PO box for donations.
God Bless. 

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